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Gloria Alvino received her B.S. in Pharmacy, and M.S. in Health & Human Services, but she remains a perpetual student.

Gloria is a writer, lecturer, mystic, poet, retired entrepreneur in the Health Care Industry, an adjunct assistant professor of pharmacy, an ordained minister, and a counselor on healing into dying/healing into living.

Challenged for 60 years by a chronic auto-immune disease, Gloria studied natural alternatives to traditional Western medicine for additional help. This led her to studying the power of the God connection. Gloria’s mission is building bridges between science and spirituality while encouraging people to grow into their own full potential.

After a near death experience, Gloria founded and incorporated Heart to Heart Associates, Inc. to better serve patients, health professionals and healthy people by providing information, inspiration, and motivation.

Gloria has produced over 100 programs on Heart to Heart on Health Issues on community T-V. She has presented continuing education courses in Integrative Medicine for pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and social workers. Gloria has lectured thousands of people through the years in colleges, universities, schools, and public audiences on a broad variety of scientific, philosophical, medical, inspirational, and motivational topics.

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